Summer events in
Food Academy`s tepee

When people gather around a campfire in the evening, time seems to stop. It is just like being in another world where time is passing at a different pace.

Mats Soomre

The tepee is a gastronomic meeting place!

We are located in the Estonian Open Air Museum (Rocca al Mare)

Here you can take time just to enjoy being with your colleagues, friends or family.
We offer cosy atmosphere with bonfire, wine that never stops, delicious food, an active and helpful chef, and waiter as well as immeasurable amount of fresh air.
All you need to do is to bring the company and a good mood. Those who wish can also help with cooking but we will not force anyone to do so.

What can be done in the tepee?

Customer and team events

Summer seminars and routine-free meetings

Birthdays and anniversaries

…the reason can always be found:)


You choose the date, the menu and convene the group. We arrange everything else!

Selection of menus

Estonian flavours:
  • herring and potatoes
  • lamb and perch pike
  • tepee dessert
World flavours
  • shrimps
  • perch pike and beef
  • tepee dessert
What a summer event in a tepee really looks like? See here

However, if you want to get more involved in cooking and learn barbecue skills you are welcome to look here. During the barbecue training, you will hear the knowledge of meat cooking from Estonian BBQ masters and the dishes are prepared on different grills.

Would you like to receive a quotation? We will respond quickly!

Leave us your contact information and our sales manager will get in touch to prepare a quotation that meets your needs. We will respond as soon as possible, usually within one working day.

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