Seminar day

  • A meeting, seminar or training away from the office
  • Spacious rooms for a large party or a smaller team
  • Your event will be made memorable by fun social cooking

Need a change? Step out of the routine and hold your meeting, seminar or training in Food Academy. The environment of the Food Academy facilitates the birth of new ideas. We will provide a suitable room and required appliances for organizing the event. For the whole duration of the seminar, our helpful waiter will at your service.

The day will end with fun cooking session for the team, in the course of which a delicious five course dinner will be prepared.

The seminar day includes:

  • morning snack
  • lunch
  • cooking session with dinner in the evening
  • room rent
  • presentation devices
  • service

Price from 95 euros + VAT(20%) per person.

Minimum budget for a privat event in Tallinn is  840 + VAT(20%) and in Tartu 810 + VAT(20%).

Duration: whole day
For additional information and event booking please fill in the form below, and we will prepare an offer for you.

Would you like to receive a quotation? We will respond quickly!

Leave us your contact information and our sales manager will get in touch to prepare a quotation that meets your needs. We will respond as soon as possible, usually within one working day.

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